BRIDGE    SUCCESS,LLC - Providing services and support to children, parents and schools
Student Services
  • EVALUATIONS -We offer a full range of psychological evaluations described below:
  • All of our evaluations are highly individualized and aligned with the specific referral questions that need to be answered to better understand the basis of the child's academic and/or social emotional struggles, and determine what interventions would be beneficial for him or her to progress.
  • Evaluations begin with an in-depth meeting with the parent(s), at which time a review of their child's developmental history, personal life experiences, interests, and individual strengths and challenges will take place.  Parents may be asked to complete forms or questionnaires to allow the clinician to "hone in" on the specific referral questions that need to be explored.
  • With parent permission, the evaluator will first observe the student within the school setting where the concerns are apparent, review school records, and speak with school personnel to round out an understanding of the child's overall performance at school.  If the child is working with any outside professionals, permission will be sought to allow our staff to speak with those professionals as well.
  • The extent of the evaluation required will be determined by examining all of the above information, and the student will be evaluated at our office. The following levels of psychological testing are offered, with the most comprehensive investigation provided by administering a School Neuropsychological  assessment:        
              * School Psychological Evaluation
              * Educational Evaluation
              * Psycho-educational Evaluation
              * School Neuropsychological Evaluation
  • When the evaluation has been completed, all results will be carefully analyzed, a comprehensive report will be written, and reviewed with the parents. 
  • With parental permission, Bridge to Success staff will share all relevant findings with school personnel and specified private professionals working with the child; collaboration then takes place to offer meaningful, evidence-based strategies, interventions and supports which should be given consideration to effect change and progress for the child in various settings.

Student Supports
  • COUNSELING- individual or small group counseling is provided to address a variety of needs, including improving self-concept, self-control, managing feelings of anxiety or anger, developing or improving social skills. etc. These may or may not relate to whether a child has been evaluated. 
  • "DEMYSTIFICATION"- for a child who has been evaluated, short-term counseling may benefit him or her to better understand his or her learning style, needs, and clarify any misconceptions about his or her intelligence and ability to learn, thereby improving self-esteem. Children may need support to understand and "buy into" their individualized learning style, which may warrant specific strategies, approaches, school accommodations or modifications;  for older children,  an understanding of what approaches they need to learn, can encourage them to more readily self-advocate within the school setting.
  • CONCUSSION MANAGEMENT - when a student experiences a concussion, the school will have a Return to Play procedure for sports, physical education and recess. Just as important is a "Return to Learn" plan, (which involves collaborative planning we will participate in). A person who experiences a concussion requires cognitive rest as well as physical rest. Most concussions resolve themselves within three weeks, and a student may only require minimum to moderate adjustments (i.e. shortened day, reduced assignments) during that time. For a small percentage of students with concussions however, the symptoms can last longer and may require ongoing medical and more specific educational intervention. More... 
Parent Services
  • PARENT ADVOCACY- we will attend any informal and formal school meetings to provide parents with support, as needed
  • LIAISON- we will interface between the school and outside medical or therapeutic providers
  • PARENT TRAINING- we will provide strategies and approaches that relate to the child's individual cognitive profile of strengths and weaknesses, and behavioral needs.
  • PARENT SUPPORT - for children we have evaluated, we will work with parents to better understand the nature of their child's individual learning, behavioral, and/or emotional needs and specific approaches that can promote progress.  We are dedicated to helping parents not only understand their child's strengths, challenges or disabilities, but to supporting parents with any concerns and feelings moving forward.
School Consultation and Services
  • Audits of Departments of Special Education
  • Development of Concussion Management Teams
  • SEPTA presentations
Professional Development
  • Working with school psychologists and special education teachers to expand their assessment skills beyond the typical broad cognitive and achievement assessments typically used.
  • Going beyond the label of executive function to understand how it effects a student's learning and performance .
  • Working with general education and special education teachers to learn and implement the instructional models of Co-Teaching.
  • Teaching about the development of reading skills and the types of Reading Dyslexia, how to assess and provide intervention to the various types of Reading Dyslexia.