BRIDGE    SUCCESS,LLC - Providing services and support to children, parents and schools
Our Mission:
Providing services and support to children, parents and schools BRIDGE TO SUCCESS LLCChildren grow and develop at different rates, experience varied life events, and are "put together" as unique individuals.  While many are able to navigate the demands of school and interpersonal relationships with only minor "bumps in the road," some children's unique cognitive profiles and personal experiences cause them to encounter many more challenges that may require additional, highly individualized instruction, educational services and support to be successful.
These children may not progress with the usual in-school approaches and interventions . As a result, more in-depth, targeted and comprehensive investigation must be undertaken to better understand those factors contributing to their ongoing struggles, and determine what educational support they need to make progress.
The Bridge to Success mission is to offer the specialized educational consultation,diagnostic psychological testing & intervention strategies needed for children who continue to struggle, and to provide a collaborative  Bridge to Success between home and school.
Services offered:
  • Educational, psychological and school neuropsychological testing for students with a variety of cognitive, educational and social emotional challenges and/or disabilities
  • Direct intervention services including individual and group counseling
  • Collaboration with families, school personnel and medical professionals aimed at addressing targeted areas of student need
  • Support to parents/families to better understand and respond to their children's needs, be prepared to attend various school meetings, and if desired, receive direct support from us at those meetings
  • Support to school personnel working with these children
What sets Bridge to Success apart:
  • Roni Kramer has been an educator for 30 plus years, as a certified Special Education teacher, School Psychologist and as a Director of Special Education.  This affords Bridge to Success the critical vantage point and expertise to effectively navigate educational systems, along with the knowledge base of both regular and special education programs, school supports and services available to children.
  • Roni Kramer is a passionate, committed professional who has spent her long careers within the public schools, dedicating herself to supporting diverse populations of children (with varying educational challenges and disabilities), their families, school personnel and collaborating with private providers working with them.
  • The Advanced training and Certification as Diplomates in the American Board of School Neuropsychology allows the ability to conduct comprehensive, in-depth evaluations, aimed at exploring  each child's unique referral questions and understanding his/her cognitive profile of strengths and weaknesses.  This results in our ability to offer practical,meaningful,school-based suggestions and interventions.
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